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Denise Marsh is an haute couture Millinery Designer with an international reputation and celebrity following for her brand Hat Couture. Her designs feature in the world’s leading fashion magazines, on the runway and the red carpet in the USA, Australia, Europe and the Far East. In collaboration with celebrity stylists and clients in New York and Tokyo, Denise is proud to launch her new Hollywood Passion Collection for Women and the Gothic Dandy Collection for men (SS2020). These new collections of exquisite, luxury hats make an iconic statement and bring the fabulous back to men and women’s fashion.

In early 2018, Denise partnered with The Confessional Showroom in New York to showcase her original creations for fabulous women. But it soon became apparent that a new market was opening up as Denise’s edgy, gender blurring pieces generated a strong following amongst celebrity stylists, dancers, musicians and movie stars - regardless of gender. The age of the new Gothic Dandy man had dawned. Designs were drawn up, blocks were made and a manufacturing deal inked in preparation for the launch of a new star in men’s couture milliery. Now with international sales representation the stage is set for the Gothic Dandy and Hollywood Passion Collecrions to perform their magic.

The Gothic Dandy and Hollywood Passion Collections dropped into the spotlight with a pre-launch in June 2019 and have never been far from the Red Carpet and the Runway ever since. With devotees and voluntary Brand Ambassordors including Emmy award winning Actor Billy Porter, Director Ryan Murphy, Stylists like Neko Babooshka, Sammy Ratelle and Michael Stallings, Choreographers and Musicians as well as Fashionistas and Media Stars, the Hat Couture brand has burst onto the scene with a bang and a shower of glitter. Available retail online and wholesale for approved retailers, the Hat Couture brand feautures an exclusive range of limited edition demi-couture designs, Denise is now looking forward to seeing her luxury millinery for men and women hit department stores and premium outlets worldwide to take the High Street by storm.

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